February 23, 2013

The great Mauricio Antón talks about his process:

Big cat action sketches

"To a large extent, modern big cats are the obligate model for sabertooth action. So, another necessary exercise for me in preparation for my sabertooth reconstructions was to make  lots of sketches of big cats in action. I have enjoyed my share of encounters with the big cats in the wild, but in such occasions, every second is precious and I don´t even think of taking my sketch pad and start drawing in the savannah. I rather take as many pictures and videos as possible for future reference. But even so, sketch I must, so how I do it? You can always sketch the cats as they have siesta, walk or eat at the zoo, but for serious action I find that the best reference are wildlife documentaries, so what I did back in the VH days (yes, when I did these sketches I did not have a CD player yet…) was to view the action sequences, then pause the video for a minute or so and make a really quick sketch. Play the video until I reach the next relevant frame, pause, and sketch again. And so on. I did dozens of such sketches and in the process got some nice ideas for action sequences involving the sabertooths…"

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    This would greatly increase one’s understanding about anatomy in motion. Great sketches! I should do this sometime.
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