April 21, 2014


Just a reminder that young chickens still have claws on their thumbs and how cool is that?

April 13, 2014
Protostega gigas and Gorgosaurus libratus, by Yuriy Priymak                                                                                                                           

Protostega gigas and Gorgosaurus libratus, by Yuriy Priymak                                                                                                                           

April 8, 2014
Pectinodon bakkeri vs Stygimoloch by Mohamad Haghani

Pectinodon bakkeri vs Stygimoloch by Mohamad Haghani

April 3, 2014

lishadra asked: DINOSAAAAAAAURS!!

April 2, 2014

Apatosaurus ajax - running babies, by Fabio Pastori

This painting depicts a historic Morrison Formation site, Quarry 5 in Morrison, Colorado. Discovered by Arthur Lakes in the spring of 1877, this site is most significant because it produced the type of Stegosaurus armatus, Yale Peabody Museum specimen 1850. Sauropod remains have been documented at this site as well.

Recent investigations at Quarry 5 yielded trace fossils on the top of the beds that contain the body fossils, including tracks likely made by juvenile and adult Apatosaurus ajax. On a single ex situ boulder, juvenile sauropod trackways demonstrate two distinct footfall cadences – a near heel-toe hind track pattern, and a trackway that shows twice the amount of space (as compared to the aforementioned tracks) between footfalls in tracks the same size. This indicates that the two trackways represent distinct locomotion pattern: the closer footfalls a walking speed with the wider footfalls representing a low-speed ‘run.’

While the trackway of close footfalls does demonstrate relatively shallow, lunate manual tracks, the wider footfalls have no features representing manual tracks (either overstepped or not). This suggests the possibility that young Apatosaurus had the capability of moving short distances bipedally.

Patient work at Quarry 5 is ongoing - hampered by very hard, silicic sandstone.” 

Matthew T. Mossbrucker. Director and Chief Curator | Morrison Natural History Museum

(Source: paleopastori.deviantart.com)

April 1, 2014

Masterpieces by Paleoillustration:

Tired of the amateurish nonsense I usually post, today I bring you Real Paleoart. You’re welcome.

EDIT: obviously this was for April Fools’ 

March 31, 2014

Carnotaurus polymer clay sculpture, by Paul Komoda | Etsy store

March 24, 2014

Tyrannosaurus rex and Struthiomimus by Mohamad Haghani

March 16, 2014

Barremian Spain by Robert Back

March 12, 2014

Dromaeosaur skull by Chris Alfaro | Tumblr

March 11, 2014

The Wealden Crocodyliformes Trilogy by Mark Witton | Blog | TwitterClick the episode links for the full articles:

March 3, 2014
"Allosaurus rowr animation sketch" by Sylvanimus

"Allosaurus rowr animation sketch" by Sylvanimus

March 1, 2014
Velociraptor by Diego Barletta

Velociraptor by Diego Barletta

(Source: glyptodon-graphycus.deviantart.com)

February 23, 2014

Paleo-crochet by Artbyekaty

February 19, 2014

Puertasaurus for The Stomping Land videogame. Model: Vlad Konstantinov | texture: Andrey Atuchin | concept art: Rodrigo Vega. Animated model here.